Beirut Terraces
Beirut, Lebanon

The area around Beirut’s yacht harbour still bears deep scars from the Lebanese Civil War (1975–1990) as well as the 2006 Israeli air strikes. This residential district is currently being redesigned. One part of this plan is the spectacular residential tower, Beirut Terraces, constructed from concrete plates, layered and staggered on top of one another. With its white colour and dynamic form, the building clearly stands out from the surrounding grey high-rises.

Beirut Terraces comprises 130 apartments, ranging in size from 200 to 1,000 square metres. Each home includes an additional outdoor space. The mixture of various protrusions results from the stacking of five different types of modular floor plates. Indoor and outdoor spaces merge into each other as the circumferential, floor-to-ceiling glazing and the consistent white colour of the concrete and Carrara marble surfaces blur the transitions. In addition to providing picturesque views of the sea the bands of windows ensure that plenty of daylight reaches the living spaces while the overhangs – at least 60 centimetres deep – protect them from strong direct sunlight. Plant containers of various sizes bring vegetation to the balconies and establish private spaces towards the adjacent units.

Thus, the design is adapted to the city’s moderate climate and fosters the open-air lifestyle that is typical of Beirut.

Beirut Terraces
Beirut, Lebanon
Herzog & de
Basel, Switzerland
DIB Tower SAL; Benchmark Development SAL
119 m
June 2016
Best High-Rises 2018/19