TrIIIple Towers
Vienna, Austria

Located in Vienna’s 3rd district, directly on the Danube Canal, the high-rise ensemble consists of three residential towers in dialog with each other. In terms of zoning, the individual heights of the projections and recesses relate to the surrounding buildings. The towers are connected by a two-story podium that links the TownTown Business Park with the Danube Canal. The podium contains a wide range of communal areas, restaurants, stores, and a kindergarten, benefiting both residents and neighbors. In addition, a square cut out of the base creates the urban center of the new quarter.

The different geometries of the individual floor levels and the structural concept with bracing circulation cores and point-supported flat slabs mean that a wide variety of floor plans are possible. The floor areas are suitable for both diverse office organizations and various housing concepts (one of the three towers is used as a student dormitory). This flexible repurposing option is a sustainable response to changing lifestyles.

Moreover, the varying floor plans allow almost all apartments to be lit from two sides across the corner and thus offer unobstructed views of the green space of the Prater and the 1st district. All apartments feature loggias and balconies, floor-to-ceiling sliding doors and glazing that allow the interior and exterior spaces to merge seamlessly. The different building levels also create generous open spaces that are used as communal terraces. Inside the towers, flexibly usable communal areas promote neighborly communication and are intended to counteract the anonymity of residential tower blocks.

TrIIIple Towers
Vienna, Austria
Henke Schreieck Architekten,
Vienna, Austria
ARE Austrian Real Estate Developement, Soravia Investment Holding
Residential, hotel
119 m, 115 m und 106 m
October 2021
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