Bosco Verticale
Mailand, Italien

“Bosco Verticale is a marvelous project! It’s an expression of the extensive human need for green. The ‘wooded high-rises’ are a striking example of a symbiosis of architecture and nature,” pronounced the jury of experts chaired by the last IHP prize winner Christoph Ingenhoven. The project, they continued, is a definitive role model for construction in densely populated zones in other European cities.

The two relatively small residential towers are part of the comprehensive development of the district in northern Milan. Alongside the emphatic sculptural quality and the innovative greening, the twin towers devised by Stefano Boeri Architetti are likewise attractive for their context: The lobbies offer inhabitants not only an entrance zone for shared uses, but the directly adjoining future park blends visually with them and is the continuation of the vertical greenery.

Bosco Verticale
Mailand, Italien
Boeri Studio,
Mailand, Italien
Hines Italia SFR S.p.A.
112 m, 74 m
June 2014
Best High-Rises 2014/15